Welcome on our internet site.

Welcome on our internet site. I.B. Bedrijven Service is managed y Ingo Bal.
I.B. Bedrijven Service offers in many different ways support to companies. This support can take place in several areas and in many different forms. It can vary of thinking with concerning the objective and strategy of an organisation, analysing the situation and the manner to improve these. But it can be also very practical of nature. You can think of performing activities at sickness and leave of staff, large projects where you have an extra hand at necessary.

About I.B. Bedrijven Service

I.B. Bedrijven Service is a young, service company and distinguishes itself as a fresh dynamic organisation. Because I.B. Bedrijven Service is a relatively young venture, we managed to keep the organisation as ''flat" as possible. This means short communication lines to our customers and our employees. Our strong characteristics are presentation aimed work, accessibility, flexibliteit, customer-orientated, quality, service orientation and No-Nonsens an organisation which has been especially preserved exclusively targeted on obtaining but of satisfied customers.

Some of the possibilities of I.B. Bedrijven Service are:

* Hosts

* Receptionists

* Wardrobe ladies

* Keymanagement

* Toilet ladies       

* Chauffeurs

* Park supervision

* General services

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